Why Running is Good for Business (Travel)

This is a presentation I used as the backdrop for a short internal talk I gave at Paramount in 2022 after a business trip to some of the company’s offices in Europe.

TL;DR: the original presentation where I argued that running/walking/exercising was great for business ⤵

The talk was part of an internal initiative called “Wellness Champs” which is not an official Employee Resources Group at Paramount, but rather a gathering of like-minded employees organized by the Total Rewards (Human Resources) team — great work led by Shaye McCoy!

I was training for the 2023 Life Time Miami Marathon around that time and didn’t want to interrupt my routine because of the business trip, but after I came back home, this idea that running/walking/exercising was good for business kept coming up in conversations with friends and colleagues.

I don’t think I’ve come up with the concept myself, but I argued that these unique travel opportunities were great to:

  • Promote team building: movement brings people closer together and sparks creativity (works great with clients too).
  • Break the airport-hotel-office cycle: great excuse to sightsee and get to know the region and its people better.
  • Help fight jetlag and make you feel more energized (potentially increased productivity).
  • Make business travel feel more like a reward rather than a personal sacrifice.

Special thanks to my colleague and friend Emanuele De Capitani for running with me on that warm Italian afternoon and showing me around Milan, local style – grazie!

Feel free to leverage anything you might find useful in the presentation, send me corrections, questions, etc.